Welcome To Hat-A-Tack!

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Welcome To Hat-A-Tack!

Welcome all to Hat-A-Tack! 

We are a small hat and tack shop based out of Lenhartsville, PA with a dream and a desire to sell quality hats and great horse tack! Now that dream didn't come about over night. Tessa (the Owner) has always had a love for horses, and grew up riding every discipline she could along with every horse that was put in front of her for her whole life! She wanted to be able to give back and help people find great horse tack and help people find a product that would make their horses more comfortable, therefore would perform at their peek level. 

The hats came about later in life. Working at a small hat shop selling cowboy hats, she realized that there were no good hat stores around and if there was they were charging a ridiculous price and didn't even have that big of stock! So another dream was born to serve customers better and offer them a amazing experience from that. 

Seeing that both Hats ( all kinds) and horse tack cross paths pretty frequently, the final idea was one where everyone could have the personal attention and be given the opportunity to have help they needed in a fun friendly store!


Welcome to our Blog!

Weekly we will discuss anything and everything, if there is an issue you would like for us to touch on please let us know! The first official Blog will be out next Monday August 6th.


Hope to see you there!