C4 Belts Donkey Classic Belt

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Know what is the cutest thing on the planet is? Donkeys! From their big ears and there tiny little noses, nothing brightens up your day quicker!


What make C4 Stand out among the crowd?!

  • They are a cut to size belt: All the classic belts come in a standard 50" length, and from there you can cut it to perfectly fit your waist size!
  • The are fully waterproof, don't worry about the rain and accidental swims in the lake running your belt.
  • Interchangeable: All belts and buckles can be changed to fit your needs and personality!
  • They are Metal free, Cruelty Free and Earth friendly: Tre is no metal in the belts, are NEVER tested on animals ( except to see how cute they are) and they are fully recyclable!
  • One of the best things? They are dishwasher safe for easy washing!!
  • BEST Thing about C4 Belts?? The have a Lifetime Guarantee!!! If you ever have an issue just email us and we can get the faulty belt replaced for you!