C4 Belts Horse Heads Classic Belt

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A true classic print belt from the great minds at C4! The horses on the belt come in a array of colors and facial markings so you'll never get bored of looking at them! 

What make C4 Stand out among the crowd?!

  • They are a cut to size belt: All the classic belts come in a standard 50" length, and from there you can cut it to perfectly fit your waist size!
  • The are fully waterproof, don't worry about the rain and accidental swims in the lake running your belt.
  • Interchangeable: All belts and buckles can be changed to fit your needs and personality!
  • They are Metal free, Cruelty Free and Earth friendly: Tre is no metal in the belts, are NEVER tested on animals ( except to see how cute they are) and they are fully recyclable!
  • One of the best things? They are dishwasher safe for easy washing!!
  • BEST Thing about C4 Belts?? The have a Lifetime Guarantee!!! If you ever have an issue just email us and we can get the faulty belt replaced for you!